If you don’t follow my wife or I on social media (you should…), we spent last weekend in the Poconos and had an amazing time. Spending time outdoors is something that we absolutely love to do and any chance we get, we try to find a park to go for a walk, or get out on the boat, and on the rare occasion do some hiking. We’ve gotten to hike the Tetons, the Canadian Rockies, the Smoky Mountains, Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, the Hocking Hills, and in the Cuyahoga Valley. That’s our idea of a getaway. Getting out into nature and explore the little towns in the area, not stuck in some all-inclusive resort by a pool. This weekend was no different. We got to take a long weekend from work and spent it exploring the Poconos and Jim Thorpe, PA.


As we were packing up for our hike in the Delaware Water Gap on Friday, I realized that I hadn’t charged up our GoPro. We usually take it along to capture our adventures and end up making a video to remember our trip (check it out on my IGTV). Fortunately, I caught it in enough time to throw it on the charger and was able to get enough juice to make it through the 3.5 mile hike. So no harm, no foul.

It didn’t hit us until dinner on Friday night sitting in an empty brewery drinking beer and enjoying ourselves that we realized that it was the most relaxed we have been in a while. We had been going and going and never stopped to recharge our batteries. In order to maintain high levels of work, you’ve got to make sure you stop and recharge your batteries every once in a while.

Just like you plug your phone in every night or charge the GoPro, go home and recharge. Put your phone in a different room and sit down with your significant other, kids, pets, and watch a movie. Find a book that has nothing to do with S&C and enjoy a story. When you can, take a long weekend away from the weight room, away from work, it’ll be OK. You’ve got other coaches and staff that can help cover your responsibilities, and you’ll return the favor sometime. So go and do something for yourself, or with someone or the people you love. You’ll come back recharged, refreshed, and ready to go.

My point here is that you need to have some sort of balance or rhythm in life. When you’re at work, bust your ass. Yes, you’ve got to throw yourself into this profession to learn and continue to grow. But remember that you need to recharge your batteries every once in a while. Work hard, play hard, relax hard, repeat.